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Ammann Satrak Plant Tracking Management

SATRAK™ is a specialist provider of security tracking and telematics products designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry. With in excess of 18,000 machines fitted throughout the UK and Ireland Satrak continues to be the product of choice for plant users everywhere. Satrak's market leading Plant Security System has now been joined by Plant View, the latest in web based plant management. Prices are as Follows:-

    • Location -
      The Satrak plant security system allows users to see their machines location at any time. Utilising GPS/GSM technology the Satrak unit can report its position to within 2 metres anywhere in the world on a street level map.

    • Immobilisation -
      Satrak fitted machines can be secured and immobilised remotely via the touch of a button on a mobile or landline.

    • Transferable Unit -
      Don't buy twice- If you decide to sell or change your machine the Satrak can be removed and refitted to your next machine.

    • One Off Cost -
      With the Satrak Plant Security system there are no ongoing payments to be made to Satrak; no licenses, monitoring fees or recovery charges. The payments stop at installation.

    • Automatic Shutdown -
      Satrak enabled machines can be automatically armed and immobilised at specific times of the day and night e.g. 6pm til 6am using the programmable arming schedule.

    • Battery Disconnection -
      Battery health can be monitored via the Satrak. In the event of a power failure the Satrak will alert the user instantly.

    • Tow away -
      Satrak instantly recognises any kind of unauthorised movement notifying the user in real time if the machine has been towed lifted or winched.

    • Anti-Tamper -
      The Satrak device can detect vibration or power interference during a theft, this is instantly reported to the user.

Satrak Unit                                       £399.00 Each (One Off Cost)
Fitting (Per Machine)                  £75.00 Each (One Off Cost)
Subscription Cost per Year     £105.00 Each

Prices are subject to Vat @ 20%